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October 19th, 2004

10:53 pm - Wyverns Library Rules Clarified
Thanks to the work of our Head Library Mod Matt Summers, the Wyverns rules have been clarified so that they're easier to understand and reflect the way we moderate.

If you have a library shelf, or are thinking about getting one please take a moment to read through the rules. We haven't added anything, but we've hopefully made things a little easier to understand.

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July 18th, 2004

05:07 pm - Recent movie releases
Just a friendly FYI from your Fan Quarter Mods: While Arthurian Legend, and Homer's Iliad are perfectly acceptable subject matter for artwork in your main art gallery, fan art from this summers releases Troy and King Arthur are not acceptable submissions for your Fan Quarter gallery.

Both of these movies have had the fantasy elements stripped right out of them and are now essentially movies about men in dresses....Erm action.. Sorry, we mean action movies *g*

We're sorry if there is any confusion on this matter; originally we'd been led to believe that these movies were fantasy in nature.

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February 7th, 2004

11:13 am - Points of note
In the last few days, we've seen some interesting discussions in the various Elfwood communities, directly relating to the moderation of Elfwood.
Some of them are things that pop up now and again, so we'll log them here as a sort of mini FAQ based on the outcome of some of the discussions.

1. Mod's ChoiceCollapse )

2. Rejected ArtCollapse )

3. Mod's Changing Items on TicketsCollapse )

4. Becomming a ModeratorCollapse )

We hope that answers some questions, or clarifies a few points.

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January 2nd, 2004

10:40 pm - New Joins
You may have seen the following message on the front page of Elfwood:

The Elfwood merge of the Fantasy and Scifi art sections "Lothlorien" and "Zone 47" is getting closer. At the same time, I will also change the graphical layout and navigation of Elfwood. I can't give you any date yet, but be prepared (and take a few screenshots if you wish to remember how Elfwood looked like in the old days)
I have posted some preliminary info on a special Merger page.
Please note that the tool for the conversion of Zone47 accounts is not yet activated at the Extranet

Due to the changes taking place at Elfwood, we have stopped all updates and new joins until after that has happened.

We don't yet have a date. Keep an eye on Elfwood's main page for further updates!

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July 1st, 2003

09:39 pm - Announcement - Elfwood Rules
Eliza has made an important announcement in elfwoodrules relating to a change in the official Elfwood rules. You can also see this announcement on the main Elfwood page.

Also, by popular demand the Moderators Dictionary is now public, and is linked from the rules in detail page on Elfwood for any members to refer to.

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April 2nd, 2003

06:46 pm - EW Mods -- Post Thirteen -- On the subject of Persistence
There are a great many times in this world where persistence pays off. Uploading a picture that doesn't belong in Elfwood is not one of those times.

Moderators have at their disposal a record of what's been rejected on previous tickets, and why they've been rejected. They also have the ability to set the ticket so that previous moderators can take a look at a ticket. In other words, we're not stupid, you aren't likely to slip something by us simply because you upload the image again and again and just change the description or the file name. So please, if you've been asked not to upload a file again, either leave it on your hard drive, or change the image so that it fits within the Elfwood guidelines.

Give us a break, or we might just have to send George, the Mutant Rat over to have a talk with you.

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March 26th, 2003

08:59 pm - EW Mods -- Post Twelve -- What To Do When You Don't Agree
Things to do if you disagree with mods decisions about pictures. First things first, read the entire update email. We're supposed to explain why pictures are rejected, and most of the time, do so. If you STILL don't agree, reply to the update email, and either attach the rejected pics, or upload them to a website and give us the URLs. We don't keep rejected pictures on Elfwood's computers as they'd only take up space. Explain, politely and clearly why you don't agree with the mod who rejected the picture. A support mod will then take a look at the picture, call for backup opinions if needed, and explain why it was rejected, or tell you it shouldn't have been, and to reupload it.

Things NOT to do if you disagree with us. Don't email us and yell at us. Insults will not somehow cleverly persuade us that your picture really truely does belong on Elfwood. Also, please don't complain about how we're oh so very evil on your livejournal, or personal webpages or whatever. Email us and ask for further explaination why a picture was rejected before deciding we're the greatest evil in Elfwood. And don't email us, and tell us your picture's description was something other than it was. That has happened. That is a good way to annoy us. We may not keep pictures on file, but we do keep descriptions.

so, stuff to remember
1. You're allowed to disagree with us
2. If you do so, reply to the update email, and either attach the pictures, or upload them to another website and give us the URLs
3. Be polite and clear when you're explaining why you think the picture should be accepted. Insults are not good.
4.Don't lie about what the description said. for your sake
5. Listen to the support mod's decision. If they say it's not for Elfwood, either change is so it is, or leave it off. If they say it's ok, feel free to reupload it.

And feel free to comment! We're curious as to how many people actually know this journal exists :)

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March 8th, 2003

10:31 am - EW Mods -- Post Eleven -- Tolkein and Middle-Earth in Wyvern's.
Several support emails have come in asking if it's alright to use settings from Middle-earth, as well as what the appropiate use of Elvish would be for Wyvern's Librabry.

This was discussed among the moderators, and references to Middle-earth are not allowed. Elves, dwarfs and wizards are not terms copyrighted/trademarked to Tolkein, these are allowed, but terms like "hobbit" and "pipe-weed" are, and these are not allowed. Neither is mentioning places like Rivendell or Lothlorien.

Furthermore, Tolkein's languages are not considered official real life languages, rather they are fiction, and thus, the use of these is not allowed in Wyvern's Library. Tolkein's children do hold copyright over his works, and that includes the languages. To use them in your story counts as fan fiction, and that is not allowed in Elfwood.

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February 28th, 2003

05:30 pm - EW Mods -- Post Ten -- Mod's Choice Nominations
Just recently we've had several emails coming into Elfwood Support about the Mod's Choice.

People are under the impression that they can nominate artists to receive Mod's Choice awards.

This isn't how it works though - we don't seek out specific artists based on nominations, we choose particular pictures because they appeal to us.

We certainly don't do it as favours for people, it's about our personal preference for the picture or story, not how many people make heartfelt appeals on behalf of the artist.

If there is an artist whose art is fabulous but who hasn't been chosen yet, be patient -
If they are as fabulous as you say they are, they'll get chosen sooner or later.

Remember there are thousands of members at Elfwood, and over a hundred Mods, but only 9 pictures each day actually get Mod's Choice awards.

In the meantime, if you want people to know about your favourite artist, we have a Livejournal specifically for plugging galleries.

Spread the word via elfwoodplugs - that's what it's there for :)

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February 16th, 2003

07:05 pm - EW Mods -- Post Nine -- Off Topic Stuff On Elfwood
"Why won't you let my picture in? I've seen lots of others that are more modern/offtopic/whatever than mine is." This has been a favoured complaint in many a support mail. If your picture is rejected because it's too modern or off topic, it doesn't matter how many off topic pictures you've seen on Elfwood. Yours will still be breaking the rules and be rejected. In fact, take note of those off topic pictures. And report them to the ERB. Your off topic pictures aren't supposed to be on Elfwood, and neither are anyone elses. Just because it's all over Elfwood doesn't mean it's right. Elfwood didn't used to be modded. People were supposed to go by the honour system. It didn't work So a lot of the off topic pics your seeing are older ones, from before the mods. They weren't supposed to be there then, and they're not supposed to be there now.

1) Do NOT say that you saw other off topic pics in Elfwood so your off topic pic should be allowed in too.
2) Take those off topic pics you keep seeing and report them to the ERB
3) Remember most off topic pics are from before moderation was started
4) yes I'm feeling extra ranty today.

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