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EW Mods -- Post Twelve -- What To Do When You Don't Agree - Elfwood Moderators

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March 26th, 2003

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08:59 pm - EW Mods -- Post Twelve -- What To Do When You Don't Agree
Things to do if you disagree with mods decisions about pictures. First things first, read the entire update email. We're supposed to explain why pictures are rejected, and most of the time, do so. If you STILL don't agree, reply to the update email, and either attach the rejected pics, or upload them to a website and give us the URLs. We don't keep rejected pictures on Elfwood's computers as they'd only take up space. Explain, politely and clearly why you don't agree with the mod who rejected the picture. A support mod will then take a look at the picture, call for backup opinions if needed, and explain why it was rejected, or tell you it shouldn't have been, and to reupload it.

Things NOT to do if you disagree with us. Don't email us and yell at us. Insults will not somehow cleverly persuade us that your picture really truely does belong on Elfwood. Also, please don't complain about how we're oh so very evil on your livejournal, or personal webpages or whatever. Email us and ask for further explaination why a picture was rejected before deciding we're the greatest evil in Elfwood. And don't email us, and tell us your picture's description was something other than it was. That has happened. That is a good way to annoy us. We may not keep pictures on file, but we do keep descriptions.

so, stuff to remember
1. You're allowed to disagree with us
2. If you do so, reply to the update email, and either attach the pictures, or upload them to another website and give us the URLs
3. Be polite and clear when you're explaining why you think the picture should be accepted. Insults are not good.
4.Don't lie about what the description said. for your sake
5. Listen to the support mod's decision. If they say it's not for Elfwood, either change is so it is, or leave it off. If they say it's ok, feel free to reupload it.

And feel free to comment! We're curious as to how many people actually know this journal exists :)

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Date:March 27th, 2003 03:36 am (UTC)
I know you're busy and all, but when i've gotten a picture rejected the thing that aggravates me the most is how short the explanation is. If i have a picture rejected and the message simply says: "belongs in fanquarter", I'd like to know what elements are fan art. I often have to ask moderators i know for a better explanation. just a single sentence would be nice.
Date:March 27th, 2003 07:06 am (UTC)
I got a longer desciption on a picture I had rejected, and since I would've been really confused had I not gotten the longer description, I have to agree on this part: we definately need to know the reason well enough that we can fix the image :)

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