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EW Mods -- Post Nine -- Off Topic Stuff On Elfwood - Elfwood Moderators

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February 16th, 2003

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07:05 pm - EW Mods -- Post Nine -- Off Topic Stuff On Elfwood
"Why won't you let my picture in? I've seen lots of others that are more modern/offtopic/whatever than mine is." This has been a favoured complaint in many a support mail. If your picture is rejected because it's too modern or off topic, it doesn't matter how many off topic pictures you've seen on Elfwood. Yours will still be breaking the rules and be rejected. In fact, take note of those off topic pictures. And report them to the ERB. Your off topic pictures aren't supposed to be on Elfwood, and neither are anyone elses. Just because it's all over Elfwood doesn't mean it's right. Elfwood didn't used to be modded. People were supposed to go by the honour system. It didn't work So a lot of the off topic pics your seeing are older ones, from before the mods. They weren't supposed to be there then, and they're not supposed to be there now.

1) Do NOT say that you saw other off topic pics in Elfwood so your off topic pic should be allowed in too.
2) Take those off topic pics you keep seeing and report them to the ERB
3) Remember most off topic pics are from before moderation was started
4) yes I'm feeling extra ranty today.

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